The Dairy Barn Engagement – Anne & Kenny

Oh my heart. I remember getting Anne’s contact email about photographing their wedding and I was sighing and swooning at all the beautiful and real life things they had to say about one another (hope you don’t mind me sharing some here Anne!) They spoke of their hearts racing around each other, of smiles whenever the other walks into the room, and how they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives making each other happy – and facing life and all of its married happenings, together. I literally cannot wait for their wedding day, and I’m so thrilled that the universe has brought you to one another — the world just wouldn’t be the same without your love. Enjoy a glimpse at some of my favorites of our time together capturing their ridiculously sweet and blissful relationship. xo.

Max Patch NC Engagement – Nick & Naomi

Everything about this session and my time with Nick & Naomi could make my heart explode just thinking about it. Never mind that the temps were in the 30s with high winds and overcast skies when we got to the top of Max Patch in North Carolina; none of that mattered. The world seemed to stop spinning and time seemed to stand still as we photographed their love that afternoon with nothing in site but endless mountains and gorgeous skies. Max Patch has to be one of my very favorite places, and you’ll soon see why. We spent the session (and yummy Indian dinner afterward) really getting to know one another – and as I drove home that night tears of happiness fell as I thought about how special our time was together and how much I appreciated our deep conversations about all things love, happiness, and the meaning of life. I’ve mentioned before that engagement sessions are a wonderful time for us to get to know one another, but more than that, I try and create an experience for the couples I’m photographing that bring them together with lots of laughter and quiet intimacy. Everything just clicked, and for that, I’m so humbled and grateful for the time we spent together on top of the world that afternoon. Thank you Naomi and Nick for your open hearts and beautiful souls. I will forever cherish this session and our time together and am so looking forward to your wedding next year. My original flagging of images resulted in over 100 favorites – so I spent some time reflecting on the conversations we shared to help aid in choosing images that I felt best show their hearts.

max patch engagement ashevillemax patch mountains engagementmax patch engagement_045max patch engagement_046max patch engagement_047“At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss.”
-Pablo Coelho

Beth Gigliotti - I could not look at these pics and not comment. Wow! Just wow! Just incredible!

Megan Gielow - Alicia!!!! These are so wonderful and full of so much feeling. Such a great set.

jenny - my goodness, these are amazing! those sun beams!

lily - ohh those black+whites!

jenna t - these are increddddible! love the black and whites. and you.