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Photo Field Trip 2015 – California

Even though I’ve had about a month to comprehend the experience, I’m carrying all the stillness of theView full post »

Spring Update!

Happy Spring! Yes, I’m still very much alive and well. Things have been slow around the blog because I took the winterView full post »

Happy Holidays – Personal

I hope everyone had a blessed, relaxing, and joyful Christmas. I can’t believe New Years Eve is tomorrow night,View full post »

August Update – Personal

You might have noticed things around here have been both busy and quiet! Lots of wedding posts have been going up (YaYView full post »

June Goals ~ Personal

Hi there everyone! Gosh how is it already June (am I the only one surprised by this?) Things have been busy around hereView full post »

Date Night Thursday

I have a whole line up of blog posts coming your way soon! We are definitely in the midst of Spring Wedding Season! I&#View full post »

Date Night Thursday

Where did this week go? I can’t believe it’s almost MAY! I have my first wedding of the season this weekendView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Last week we had THREE sets of visitors come into town and stay in our new home! It was the best kind of whirlwind andView full post »

Date Night Thursday

It’s a rainy day around these parts. If you know me, you know that I really enjoy a good rainy day indoors. I feel allView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Today’s post is a doozy, but one that I think needs to be read. As I mentioned, I’m part of a weekly bible studyView full post »

Jill ~ Portraits of a Friend

I love how life simply works in mysterious and awesome ways. I met Jill when I was a “little” first yearView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Whoa it’s Thursday already? It’s crazy how fast the months/weeks have been whizzing past! This week has been allView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Awhile back I started a weekly blog post called Date Night Thursdays. Having come from a background of focusing myView full post »


Whoa, a PERSONAL post! I promise to be blogging more – what better way to kick off more personal posts thanView full post »

First Steps in Branding ~ Personal

As I mentioned in the previous branding post, you want to first gain an understanding of what it means to brand aView full post »