Boone Family Photographer – Roberts Family

Nothing excites me more than capturing raw and real life moments. Telling the story of how life was in that particular time … that particular day. Nicole (who is a dear friend and amazing photographer) and I had been in deep conversations about what’s important in life and just how fleeting each day really is. We spoke of how her youngest was becoming a toddler and she wanted to bottle up the remaining “babyness” in the form of imagery. How the crib that held all three of their girls was no longer going to be needed…all the giggles and tears, the excitement of the early morning, the pink cheeks and wild hair from running outside for hours. I spent a day and a half with the Roberts family and I left feeling inspired and full of immense gratitude. For inviting me into their home not only to photograph their family, but treating me like one of their own.

Asheville Family Photographer - Alicia White Photography-14 copyThe next morning…..boone family photographer_001boone family photographer_002Asheville Family Photographer - Alicia White Photography-113 copy

Megan Gielow - So, so great. Love all of them.

michelle lyerly - I love them all so much. Beautiful.

mary - you have captured each one in their own special way. they are wonderful.

Wanda P. Foster - Talk about capturing the Roberts…… these are priceless!!

Photo Field Trip 2015 – California

Even though I’ve had about a month to comprehend the experience, I’m carrying all the stillness of the meaningful conversations and community. And I feel such a peace in that. As much as my time was filled in relationship this year, I also got to explore the rolling hills of Santa Barbara and be wrapped up in the embrace of the California sunsets. I really (really) hate goodbyes, so I’m thankful for the photographs that help to bring me right back in the moment again. I can still feel the belly aching laughter and crunch of the 1am cereal as I type this now. Thank you Fieldtrip 2015 for so so much. xo.

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer-22 copySanta Barbara Wedding Photographer-33 copybelow are various iphone and smilebooth images!fieldtrip-iphone_010fieldtrip-iphone_011fieldtrip-iphone_012fieldtrip-iphone_007fieldtrip-iphone_006