A Little Break – Personal Post

Have you ever had one of those days that you walked around like a zombie just completing errands and getting work done? I’ve felt like from the moment I woke up, I’ve done nothing but focus on work, work, work, errands, and more work. As the clock ticks by, I’ve gotten things done, but it just seems like time has a way of speeding up when all I need it to do is chill out for a little while to give me a chance to catch my breathe. So as a break (and for those of you who know me well, this shouldn’t come to a surprise), but I decided that since this wasn’t that awesome of a day, that I needed a little pick-me-up. Instead of running to the kitchen to make some coffee, I googled, “puppies”, oh-yes-I-did. What did I find? Lots of cute images that made me smile, coo, and say “awwww”. But then, at the bottom of the page was an image that caught my attention. I quickly clicked on it and as soon as it enlarged across my screen, I BURST out laughing. I opened my eyes again and was immediately filled with a fit of giggles that wouldn’t stop until I had tears rolling down my cheeks. It was exactly what I needed. I don’t even know if I’d find the same image funny at any other time, but it spoke to me at 10:15pm as I sit here and mind-numbingly write this paper until the wee-hours of the night (and maybe morning). Now I cannot take any credit for this image, and it comes from freewebs.com, but I thought I’d share. I hope it brings some of you as much enjoyment as it brought me tonight – because sometimes you need a little break from the norm of the day – even if it involves an adorable puppy with a toilet paper roll stuck to it’s leg *bahahahha*:-)

Dream Big,


valentine one - That was a superb read,Maybe I will sign up to your rss.

Sarah & Adam ~ Engagement

These two were SO fun to work with! Both of them work for jobs that include art (art therapy/advertisement) so the pressure was on for this one!:-)Adam even proposed by having a billboard put up on the highway asking if Sarah would marry him! I mean *WOW* She was so surprised, and I loved how excited they were while telling me the story! We were really happy as the weather was perrrrrrrfect and the sun was at it’s peak performance (lots of glowy/colorful fun!) – We explored and walked around the Norfolk/Ghent area which was especially important to this couple as they shared a lot of *firsts* there (first date, first kiss), and where they got engaged!! Although Sarah was a bit nervous in front of the camera at first (LOTS of laughs), she warmed up to the camera verrrrry nicely (I swear they are naturals), and we had such a good time!! I am so very happy for you both and your love for one another really shines throughout these pictures. Don’t you just LOVE the way they look at each other? *So in love*! I wish u both all the happiness in the world — have fun planning your wedding throughout the year! (Check out the Facebook fan page albums for even more of these two) – wow was it hard to narrow down in this post:-)

Katie - So cute. Why can’t I ever add your website to my google reader? Sad.

Bri Lauka - Such amazing photos Alicia! :)


So I knew that it was closing in on midnight…… I happened to glance at my cell phone to check the time right as it turned to 11:59. I went to put the phone down but couldn’t stop staring at those numbers! At that moment I became flooded with so many different emotions and thoughts. I will never again be 24, never ever again. I started to flash back to the past 24 years of my life — all the milestones, rollercoaster rides, belly-aching laughs, heartaches, and love. Learning about PURE love from my amazing husband, wonderful family, and perfect friends. But when you are actually sitting there, STARING at 11:59, you just HAVE to wait! So there I was, attempting to hit the buttons (any buttons!) so the light wouldn’t go out and I’d MISS the EXACT moment …..but I didn’t. I “saw” the change, closed my eyes, smiled, and thought about how SO freakin’ incredibly BLESSED I am. I’m SO excited to see what this 25th year will bring. Heck – Quarter of a century! Cheers to making this year even better than the last (which, I understand, that’s setting HUGE expectations….getting married to my best friend will be REALLY hard to beat);-)

Eric so *wonderfully* reminded me before he headed to bed that I will no longer be able to say “I’m in my young twenties” — the categorization from 18-24 no longer applies! But hey – at least I can rent a car now! Whoop!

Keep Dreamin’ Big,


Flash back fun — Me, “born Italian” – we sure LOVE our spaghetti and meatballs! Yummo!