Ashley *Sneak Peak*

This blog post is oh-so-very exciting! I got to spend the day with the WONDERFUL Tony CeCe as he showed me the ropes of using flash photography and trying out different lenses! This was especially amazing as the *world of flash photography* literally used to SCARE me.
He was such a great teacher – he made it educational and fun, and best yet, hands on learning!

So the photos in this post are from spending the afternoon with Tony and Ashley as we explored fun areas and played around with both natural light (i.e. sun!) and FLASHHHH (mmm dramatic fun). Thank you Ashley for being available so last minute and being SOOOO beautiful and great and spending the afternoon with us as I soaked up all the knowledge I could:-)We had SO MUCH fun!!!

Thank u Thank u Thank u TONY!!! Words cannot express how kind and wonderful you are for spending the afternoon with me to share your knowledge!
And now, my pics of the *beautiful* Ashley:
(check back for full post soon!)

Melzer Family *Sneak Peak*

What a delight it was to be able to photograph this wonderful couple and their two *kiddos* (i.e. the puppies!) It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and although the temperature fluctuated from hot to cold within our photo session – we had a lot of fun exploring the Ghent area!
Just to get you started, here are a few *sneak peaks* before the big reveal of my favorite photos:-)It’s going to be hard to narrow them down! Enjoy <3, and thank you Melzer Fam!

Marie - Alicia!!
You’re so very talented. Thanks a bunch for a wonderful Sunday afternoon.