Eric and I (aka: Me and the Hubbsters)

Wow, my first personal blog:-)

Have you ever stopped to think just how FAST time passes us by? I’ve been married for almost 3 months now – like whoa!
It’s been an incredible journey – moving into our place together, buying our “first” furniture, and SLOWLY trying to make this apartment into a *home*:-)

Anyway, I wanted to showcase some of our oh-so-wonderful wedding photos, taken by none other than Stephanie Carson (out of Cinci,OH/Kentucky area!)
When I was taking photo classes in undergrad, we had to find a local artist that “spoke” to our style, and attempt to mimic their work and make it our own.
Years later (around 5) to be exact, I was STILL following her blog daily, and contacted HER to find out when she was available – setting my wedding date around when she could do it! (within limits of course, we only have one month off for the entire year!)

So I cannot take ANY credit for these photos (besides looking wedding-fabulous in them lol) – but I wanted to showcase a little bit of Eric and I (for the first time on this blog!) And our wonderful wedding – which rocked – we are so incredibly blessed to have such amazing families and the GREATEST friends. Seriously, bringing a tear to my eye…. Enjoy the photos, and go and visit her blog. Stephanie seriously rocks – I only hope to be as awesome as her one day! (

I really wish I could upload ALL of them to this blog — but since that would be ridiculously long, here is a montage of different pics from throughout the day! Enjoy <3

The Montes Family

This was such an ultra-special shoot! I was so glad we were all able to find a time to get together to make this happen – the results are fantastic!

This photo session was extremely important to them as Micah headed off to serve our country the weekend after these were taken — hopefully the pictures help during the time gap they have to spend apart from each other. Brittany and Micah – you are a beautiful couple and your love for one another just shines. Thank you for being up for anything — I had SUCH a great time – so much laughter:-)

Oh and we cannot forget about the puppy! Bring those doggies to the session – so much fun! Ok enough talking, picture time!

This next picture is SO them – trying to be “tough” (yeahhhhhhhh right, you two looooooove each other):-)

Tiffany @ texan on the run - I’m sorry…but I SERIOUSLY CANNOT GET OVER how amazing your work is!!

Audrey & Matt

Talk about a couple in love! When they asked me to take their Anniversary pictures at the beach, I was thrilled!
The beach was SO crowded, but they were so great in being relaxed in front of the camera and focusing on their love for one another:-)
Audrey has many of these pictures blown up throughout her house! It was so fun seeing them in print!

Thank you both for feeling oh-so-comfortable in front of the camera – the images are b-e-a-utiful and your love requires no words. Enjoy! <3

* See the baby heart on the right side (next to her foot)? totally a natural and unexpected surprise! So cute! *squeal*