Bri & Justin

How cute are these two? And talk about great features! Mmm mmm gotta love dark hair and blue eyes!
We had SO much fun walking around downtown Ghent for these photos! Even with the hot summer sun beating down on us, these two were up for anything!

Their attraction for one another and love is SO evident! Than you Bri for being such a big fan — the two of us can often be found late at night — err, *early morning* discussing photography! Now on to the pictures:-)

*Favorite Alert*

The Kay Family

Rob has also been such an amazing fan of mine from the beginning. When he asked if I could photograph his family, I was honored!

Not only was this a chance to create memories of their photo albums, it was also important as the foreign exchange student they were hosting for the year was leaving that upcoming weekend! I was oh-so-very-happy that it worked out that we were able to schedule a time before her departure from the states! This family has so much love for each other, and boy did we all get a kick out of Emma – she has SO much spunk and personality – but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

Thank you Kay family for SUCH a fun time!

Tabitha & Dan

I had SUCH a wonderful time capturing the love these two have for one another.
Tabitha has been one of my biggest fans and asked me to do photos of she and her husband for their 20th Wedding Anniversary.
They look just fabulous don’t they?

I will always look at these photos as a fond memory and reminder of how love within a marriage should continue to only *grow* as we age.
It’s been 20 years together and they reminded me of newly weds. Love it <3

Now to the pictures…..! (click on them to see them bigger & better):-)

*Favorite Alert* – aren’t they just adorable? *eeee* so in love!