Jill ~ Portraits of a Friend

I love how life simply works in mysterious and awesome ways. I met Jill when I was a “little” first year grad student when we lived in Virginia Beach. Even though Jill was already in her third year, we quickly became friends and have become even closer throughout the years. I owe most of my educational sanity to this girl and appreciate her advice and friendship more than I can describe. She was one of the first people I told about my career ventures into photography, and Jill was always a source of strength and encouragement. It’s not every day one decides to change their “life path” – and she continues to not only believe in my dreams, but gets excited about them as if they were her own. As life would have it, we both ended up 30 minutes away from each other in the Carolina’s. Not only do I have my sister’s living close by (YaY!), but I’ve been also blessed with great friends that have moved around these parts as well (seriously how lucky is that!) Jill has always had a passion for the arts (and photography) and wants to begin learning how to shoot in Manual mode! (I LOVE teaching!) Since the weather here has been all things Spring and pretty, we went on some adventures around the area shooting just for the love of photography. I’ve had the Canon 5D Mark iii for awhile now, but never played with the double exposure feature. So you will see a few of those that we had fun trying out! Below are just a few of the MANY beautiful portraits I captured of my lovely friend. Cheers to friendship, all things Spring time, and happiness. Love you Jill xox!

She did an AMAZING job when the camera got turned on ME!;-)

Kasey Loftin - Love these! Great work.

Catherine Marciniak - Love these girl ! So beautiful and fun !

Allison Kuhn - These are so pretty!! You’re amazing!

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