Date Night Thursday

Whoa it’s Thursday already? It’s crazy how fast the months/weeks have been whizzing past! This week has been all about finding a balance between productivity in working and solid “for me” time. Not only did I get a YMCA membership this week, but Eric and I have been finding time to relax and “just be” together. We took a hike this weekend with Henry (our puppy), and we’ve made sure to snuggle up and watch our favorite show as a couple together. I don’t put him through the torture of making him watch Pretty Little Liars or Grey’s Anatomy – but we DO watch New Girl together. The characters are perfect and it’s such a funny/witty show. It’s nice having a few shows that we can BOTH enjoy together. Just as much as I’m enjoying writing this piece each week, I very much enjoyed READING all the responses! Thank you all for participating! I have a list of movies now that I must watch – saw Life of Pi last night! (highly recommend!)

For this weeks “Date Night Thursday” I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart. The Italian heritage is strong within my family. With that background also comes the love for ALL things food and cooking (and I especially enjoy baking!) Even now when my family gets together, it’s almost funny how our schedules revolve around the meals of the day. And no, I’m not joking. Looking back I don’t remember nights where we weren’t all together at the dinner table – because it’s just what you do as a family. In our own marriage, dinners together are still very much an important part of the day. It’s our time to thank God for our many blessings, to enjoy a meal together without any “social media” distractions (turn those phones to silent for at least an hour!), and of course connect and hear about how our day was. Eric and I FIRST started dating around Valentine’s Day (6 years ago!) At the time I was freaking out about what do you get someone after only dating a few weeks? I called up his Mom and asked what Eric’s favorite recipe was – I surprised him with a candle lit dinner featuring his favorite dish (and a collage of recent pictures we had taken together, which still sits at his desk!) Every time I make his favorite chicken and bowties (sometimes for special occasions, other times “just because” – it’s SO good), I think back to our very beginnings with a smile and my heart flutters with thankfulness for our relationship and the gift that a good meal (and beautiful company) can bring to your life.

So I challenge you all to make sure to sit down and be present at dinner with the one who makes your heart flutter. Better yet, make dinner together and connect during the process. Try not to talk about all the stressors of the day – but instead focus on the positive blessings in your life. Sometimes it’s really fun to reflect on the past and where you currently are today! The journey isn’t always an easy one, but I wouldn’t have traded it for the world. As I sign off for today, I will leave you with some Italian words of wisdom that I fondly recall my grandmother speaking at the dinner table, “Mangia Mangia!” (eat eat!)

 Oh and the *WINNER* of the movie date night package (by random number generator) is Megan Gielow! YaY! More contests in the near future!

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