Date Night Thursday

Awhile back I started a weekly blog post called Date Night Thursdays. Having come from a background of focusing my career on marriage therapy, I thought it would be fun to tie in the important knowledge that I learned in graduate school with photography! So often it feels like we are on a treadmill of life, and it’s hard to get off and prioritize our marriage and relationships, as we should. I am currently participating in a weekly bible study and we are reading “What’s It Like to be Married to Me” – I will write more about this in a later post (maybe even this weekly series). Right now we are reflecting on being deliberate in making goals to be better spouses/people for the health/strength of the marriage. I’ve had a burning desire in my heart to start this blog sequence back up but was afraid and embarrassed of what people might think since I let it go to the backburner so many months ago. I sat down and reflected on what happened (especially since it was so important to me). At the time I had asked couples to send me a date night they had recently enjoyed.  Couples would write and say they didn’t think their date nights were exciting enough for a blog post. Being that I was looking to highlight real life couples on a weekly basis, it became hard to find couples to submit every week. I had been getting really beautiful feedback from couples saying they looked forward to reading the weekly post and they were making conscious efforts in their marriage to go on date nights and be more attuned to making TIME and their relationship an important priority (YaY!)

I decided to start this weekly post back up because I truly believe in the importance of being active and deliberate for the health of our relationships. I realized that I myself have the educational background and date night experience (in my own marriage) to share and people have been excited to read about them. So I’m dusting myself off, pushing away the fears of failure and embarrassment for having stopped this so many months ago, and starting over. I would still love to publish real life couples (so please send in a date night you’ve recently shared), but that won’t be the FOCUS of the weekly posts. So lets cheers and make promises to making our relationships a priority again. Don’t waste time as if you have a million years to spend. Lets forget about the chaos of life for at least ONE day a week and be deliberate in reconnecting. I’m excited to share in this journey with all of you again.

As I mentioned, date nights don’t have to be grand excursions. Sometimes all you need is a comfortable couch, a bag of popcorn (which I like to dump white cheddar on top of), and a movie you can both agree on (or take turns!) Getting lost in a movie can be the perfect escape from the chaos of life. Make some time to snuggle and relax with your loved one soon.

And to kick OFF this weekly series again, I’m giving away a fun movie night package.Comment below on a good movie you’ve recently watched to enter! 

amanda - We recently watched Life in a Day – footage from over 100 countries, all in the course of a day. It was so beautiful and inspiring.

Love this idea and can’t wait to follow along! xoxo

Emily - This is such a beautiful, refreshing idea! I love it.
We saw Silver Linings Playbook together recently and LOVED it. It rings true in so many ways for both of us, and the experience + the discussions we had afterward really brought us closer.

Megan Gielow - Django was actually REALLY good! Love that you’re bringing this back!

Andria - We are going through our oldest favorites that have meaning to us…a few weeks ago it was Aladdin, last week it was Princess Bride, and this week it will be Sound of Music :)

Kelly - Alicia, this is such a sweet idea – I love it and am looking forward to reading your posts :) we actually are in the midst of our own date night, watching one of our favorite shows!

We’ve been watching all the Oscar movies lately – ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’, ‘Argo’, ‘Django Unchained’ — the last one being our absolute favorite!

Catherine Marciniak - I missed seeing these post ! So happy your bringing them back :D We watched Playing for Keeps last weekend ! It was sooo cute ! We loved it funny and a great chick flick too but not too girly

Amanda Hedgepeth - I’m probably too late, but OH we went to see This Is 40 at Cinema Cafe and we were crying laughing the entire time! I had a couple older people say we wouldn’t understand it, and apparently, at 26 and 28 we DO understand it already hahaha!!!!!! It was so nice to get out to dinner and a movie together, we flirted like we just met and then of course, went to buy Cammy stuff at Target after out of guilt LOLOL!

Valerie - I love that you’re doing these again! <3
I liked reading them!

And, a good movie I've watched recently…
hm, I think they're all kids movies.
Hotel Transylvania was actually pretty funny though.
(I found myself watching it after the kids went to bed… ha ha)

Brandy Lee - It took me a while to think about this. When Jacob and I take long car trips we listen to books on tape to pass the time. When The Hunger Games originally came out on book we listened to that one as we drove to the beach. Then the movie came out and we were so stoked. It wasn’t as good as the book, but we both agreed that it was still good. Recently poor Jacob hurt his ankle. To surprise him last Friday night I redboxed The Hunger Games and ordered pizza. He didn’t even realize it was out! It lifted his spirits and reminded us of our fun car trips listening to the book even though we were stuck on the couch. :)

Sarah Goodwin - The Bourne Legacy :)

Amy Webber - We just watched Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James and it was hysterical. I’m such a sucker for Kevin James movies haha.

Love this series! :)

Jessica Lago - Love it, girl! You are awesome! There is a photog named Anna Posciaz(idk how to spell it exactly) out of Birmingham maybe who writes a lot of marriage and encouraging solid marriages.

Although we haven’t seen a movie in forever, we ARE clipping through Lost on Netflix! We started after Mia was born and I think we are on episode 92! Amazing show…

Brittany Coleman - Taylor and I just watched Perks of Being a Wallflower. It was a heavy movie for a date night, but still really wonderfully done. Nothing beats date nights at home on the couch :) (P.s. glad these are back! I’ll be sending you some!) xoxo

Kathleen Hood - Cute idea! Silver linings playbook! Both Dan and I loved it…Dan just finished the book and loved it even more :)

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