Whoa, a PERSONAL post! I promise to be blogging more – what better way to kick off more personal posts than telling you about my fun trip! Last month I went to Denver CO to visit a close friend and go on adventures together. I remember booking the trip months before and eagerly marking weeks & then days off the calendar. As soon as Tiffany announced her internship in Denver last spring, we started discussing travel plans to see each other. January seemed like the PERFECT time (no weddings last month), but little did I know we would be closing on our house so fast and my wonderful/strong/awesome husband (and the nicest guys ever!) would be moving all the furniture/boxes while I was away. I’ll save the rest of THAT story for another post. If you’ve never been to Denver, seriously GO! Tiffany is probably the BEST person to visit as she hates to sit still! She had so many amazing things planned for the week that it sadly rushed by. That just means another trip must be made in the near future for more adventures! I was too scared to bring my “big” camera to some of our activities (ice skating on a frozen lake and horse back riding in the mountains!) Thank goodness for the handy-dandy iphone! So below is a little glimpse at Denver/Boulder from our week of adventures and fun photoshoots of each other. I won’t lie, I left some of my heart there. As we stepped out of the car at the airport we both were in tears; so instead of goodbyes I always say “see you soon”. I love you more than you know Tiffany — thank you for being the best host and friend anyone could ask for. xoxo.

10 Fun (Random) Facts About Denver & Boulder

1. I didn’t know what a REAL hipster was until I visited Denver/Boulder. For real.

2. Everyone looks like they are ready to be photographed. ALL THE TIME. So much fashion goodness. Didn’t know you could make flannel and snow boots look SO GOOD.

3. Dogs are allowed in bars/coffee shops. Not just small purse dogs, ALL sizes. Not only does everyone recycle and love the earth but also our furry four legged friends! Ya’ll know how much I love animals. This made me squeal.

4. They have the coolest coffee shops EVER. Like, four on every street. Paradise to us latte lovers. Pure paradise.
I think I could have done photoshoots INSIDE all of them to. They look straight out of an anthro catalog.

5. The mountains are epic. You can see them from everywhere. You could LITERALLY see in all directions (360 view) for miles. It kinda freaked me out and awe inspired me at the same time.

6. They have vending machines just for protein/running snacks (proof below)

7. The sun is blinding. Literally. Don’t forget your sunglasses, it hurts.

8. The food? How does everyone stay skinny? (SERIOUSLY)

9. I love how active everyone is – Tiffany has countless groupons for amazing outdoor activities (even sleigh rides!)

10. Black athletic pants are worn as leggings with boots (by seriously everyone) – guys just wear skinny jeans. Style AND comfort !

Kate Halpin - ahhh girl I loved this post. How you made me miss my home state!

jenna t. - i loved this post. the shots of tiffany in the snow are so pretty. and happy. and i love the shots she took of you! you’re a beaut. and i loved reading about your time in colorado!

Amanda Hedgepeth - ALICIA!!!!!!!!! Holy crap I love these pictures so much!!!!!!!!!! This is a beautiful documentation of your trip and you and your sweet friend. I loved it.I LOVE the one of you looking down. You are so beautiful <3

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