Abbey & Mike ~ West Virginia Wedding

Wow. I think wedding blog posts are the hardest to create. I’ve been sitting here trying (TRYING) to narrow down Abbey & Mike’s beautiful West Virginia Wedding but having the hardest time doing so. How do you capture the entire essence, emotions, and story of the day in just one blog post of images? I laughed out loud and sighed when I saw how many I had “favorited” for the post. I wish I could just post the entire gallery, but I think your web browsers would crash and my blog host might kick me out! Gosh, where to start. Abbey and I have known each other around 7 years now (gosh time is FLYING!) If you look through our facebook profile pictures you’ll see numerous images of us together, faces plastered together with giant smiles. Being a Metanoia Retreat Team leader my senior year brought SO much to my life (including my husband!), but also friendships that have lasted the test of time. Without a doubt I still call my team family. Abbey is the type of friend that no matter how much time has passed, we can still call each other and catch up like we had just seen each other the week before. When she called me to ask if I would photograph her wedding, I was beyond honored. Photography is an extension of my heart and eyes, and I love being able to tell the story of the entire day as I saw & felt it. Thank you Abbey for believing in me and watching me grow as both a person and photographer. I knew Mike must be a special guy – Abbey has such a heart of gold & she found someone that has the personality & kindness to match hers. From the start of the rehearsal I found my eyes brimming with tears and that continued throughout the wedding. From the moment we stepped out of the car, we were surrounded with love, hugs, and warm welcomes. I thought people in the Carolina’s were friendly – I mean, seriously. I felt like EVERY single guest was a long lost family member of mine. Everything about the wedding was about family & friends coming together to celebrate (and they know how to celebrate!) the new journey of Mike & Abbey as husband and wife. At the end of the reception, everyone surrounded the newly married couple in a circle as they sang Country Roads on the top of their lungs. Tears were shared, laughter was heard, and embraces were felt. I have never before felt so much love in one room. Abbey & Mike, thank you SO much for making me feel so loved. It was the biggest honor to take part in your wedding in this way. I am beyond excited to watch your love grow through the years. Love you both – now enjoy the peek into some of the highlights & story of their special day! Also, a very special thanks to Sunny of Themba Imagery for taking a weekend to travel through the mountains of West Virginia with me to help photograph this wedding xoxo!

Starting off this post with a little blast to the past – college days!

Now…. their wedding day story:



ashley barnett - Gorgeous Alicia!!!!

Amy Webber - Looks like such a fun party!

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