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CT & Cathryn ~ Fort Mill Engagement

Between the two of us, Cathryn and I checked the weather channel leading up to the engagement session probably 100 timesView full post »

CT & Cathryn ~ Engagement (Sneak Peek!)

Who says you can’t do engagement sessions in the rain? Love these two! Enjoy the little sneak into our engagementView full post »

Jacob + Brandy ~ Uptown Charlotte Engagement

I’ve been so excited to share these! Brandy & Jacob recently had their wedding so be excited to see lots ofView full post »

Justin & Bridget ~ Freedom Park Engagement

Justin & Bridget are simply sweet together. I think I said “awwwwwww” and “adorable!” likeView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Hey there everyone!! Sorry about the blog being down last week while it was under maintenance, but now I have a shinyView full post »

Bridget & Justin ~ Charlotte Engagement (Sneak Peek!)

I posted a few of these on facebook but wanted to add them to a blog post just in case there are any non-facebook usersView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Where did this week go? I can’t believe it’s almost MAY! I have my first wedding of the season this weekendView full post »

Kelley & Greg ~ Charlotte Engagement

Spring has definitely come and this is the season for love & engagement sessions! I’ve really been enjoyingView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Last week we had THREE sets of visitors come into town and stay in our new home! It was the best kind of whirlwind andView full post »

Mary Paige & Neal ~ Charlotte Engagement

YaY the server is back up and running! I will have a brand new Date Night Thursday post tomorrow, but I couldn’tView full post »

Date Night Thursday

It’s a rainy day around these parts. If you know me, you know that I really enjoy a good rainy day indoors. I feel allView full post »

Mary Paige & Neal ~ Engagement (Sneak Peek!)

Everyone, meet Mary Paige & Neal (Zoe to!) Excited to show you the rest!, Enjoy the Sneak!View full post »

Date Night Thursday

Today’s post is a doozy, but one that I think needs to be read. As I mentioned, I’m part of a weekly bible studyView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Whoa it’s Thursday already? It’s crazy how fast the months/weeks have been whizzing past! This week has been allView full post »

Date Night Thursday

Awhile back I started a weekly blog post called Date Night Thursdays. Having come from a background of focusing myView full post »