Portland Maine Anniversary – Josh & Natalie

This is what three children and seven years of marriage looks like.

One of my greatest joys of being a photographer is the people I get to meet (and befriend) and the relationships and life I get to capture – freezing these moments as a visual legacy and tangible memory. We met up in Portland, Maine on the actual date of their seven year anniversary. As parents, they don’t often spend time away from their three beautiful children, so I wanted the session itself to be an experience of connection. I knew right away as we exchanged hugs that they would instantly feel like old friends, and the session definitely reflects this spirit. We talked about their very beginnings so many years ago – and dove into the biggest dreams and hopes they have for their lives and family. I left our time together feeling simply and beautifully honored; to witness and capture their connection was a heartfelt experience that centered me back to what’s truly important in my own life. My hope is that these images reflect a voice of the beautiful heart and home they’ve created and share together. So so much love to you both xo

NatalieJoshAnniv - Alicia White Photography-11Portland Maine Photographer - Alicia White Photography-96

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