June Goals ~ Personal

Hi there everyone! Gosh how is it already June (am I the only one surprised by this?) Things have been busy around here while in the middle of Spring wedding season (and LOVING it!), so I wanted to keep myself accountable by making a June Goals list and sharing it with you all. Sharing it with the world means I BETTER get it done, right? So here’s a little look into the “to do” list of business and life that I want to accomplish within this month!

1. Blog more! Especially with all the weddings, bridals, & engagements as of recent, I can’t wait to share all the beauty and happiness I’ve been witness to lately. I’ve really loved getting to know the 2013 couples and share in their special day – lots of happy tears have been shed every weekend! I have also been asked some photography questions lately and would love to share some more personal tidbits about our happenings around here – so look forward to more personal posts to!

2. Finish decorating the office! One of my favorite parts of our new house is the office to call my own! It has french double doors, a window that lets in soft light, and I recently purchased a love seat & coffee table that make me swoon whenever I enter the office! It’s starting to get “client ready” and I can’t wait to host & have meetings right here in the office! Now if only I could make a decision on how I want things hung up in here — but I’m getting excited!

3. I joined the gym last month and I made a promise to go AT LEAST 3x a week (if not more!) I’ve been sticking to that promise (for the most part), but I’d like to get on a consistent schedule. I think pre-planning which classes and workouts I will go to for the whole month will get me up and moving in the morning for the classes. It’s better than checking the schedule daily and deciding whether or not I’m “in the mood” to sweat.

4. Date nights. They are so incredibly important for a strong marriage. Especially during the busy wedding season, it’s more important than ever to shut the computer down at a good time and spend quality time with the husband. Our work schedules are pretty much the opposite, so it’s important to plan out our date nights and quality time together!

5. This may seem like a silly one, but drink more water. Especially since I’ve been working out more (and it’s starting to get HOT out in this southern humidity around here), water is so so important! I have never been one that likes the “taste” of water when I’m not being active or working out. My Mom introduced me to these amazing Dasani Drops that taste like pineapple/coconut and I’m in LOVE! I just add a few drops so it adds a little “somethin somethin” and YUMMO!! Cheers to staying hydrated & healthy this summer!

I could probably write about 50 goals that I have swimming around in my brain, but it’s important to set a small amount of goals so that the list of things doesn’t overwhelm and shut me down from getting anything done!! As soon as I wake up I make a “daily must” list that breaks down bigger tasks that have future deadlines. That way things are getting done and I feel productive. What are some of your June goals? And below are a few sneak peeks of posts that are coming this way soon!

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