Brandon & Jen ~ The Elm Street Center Wedding

I have been SO looking forward to Jen & Brandon’s wedding at The Elm Street Center in Greensboro, NC since our engagement session last year. They are simply a sweet couple – Jen & Brandon have a beautiful calm that surrounds them when they are together. I have loved getting to know them throughout the wedding planning process, and it was really special to witness the support & love from everyone in attendance. There was SUCH an abundance of hugs and happy tears throughout the day and night. I just love when couples incorporate meaningful items into their wedding day. When I looked inside Brandon’s ring the inscription read “Only A Moment” (from Hello Dolly). When I got home I researched the song and was touched by the lyrics I shared below (ridiculously sweet, right? swoon). If anyone wants to have a movie night, I really need to start watching some of these classics. Movies don’t have songs with lyrics like that anymore! Enough chatting for now, I’ll let the images speak of the elegance and heartfelt calm that surrounded their beautiful wedding day. As always, it was extremely difficult to narrow this one down – so many touching moments were shared. A very special thank you to Bethany who traveled to Greensboro, NC with me to second shoot! Thank you Jen & Brandon for allowing me to capture the sweet love you share! xox! Enjoy the little preview into their day!

It only takes a moment
For your eyes to meet and then
Your heart knows in a moment
You will never be alone again

I held her for an instant
But my arms felt sure and strong
It only takes a moment
To be loved a whole life long

And that is all that love’s about
And we’ll recall when time runs out
That it only took a moment
To be loved a whole life long

Wedding Venue: The Elm Street Center (Empire Room)
Caterer: Painted Plate
Florist: Corum
Baker: Maxie B’s
DJ: Friendly Neighborhood DJ

Ashley Goodwin - Oh my gosh all the cute kids peering in on the images makes me melt! The little boy looking at the bride and the little girl watching them eat cake with the cutest little expression! Amazing storytelling as usual Alicia!

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