Date Night Thursday

Where did this week go? I can’t believe it’s almost MAY! I have my first wedding of the season this weekend and I’ve been photographing lots and lots of engagements lately! As I mentioned last week, I hope you all have been getting outside a bit, it’s been SO beautiful out. Now that we are in the new house, we ACTUALLY have a back patio area. It’s not the beautiful spacious grassy green backyard we’ve always dreamed of, but it’s enough space for a mini-shed, some grass, a cement patio area (with our grill!), and a tall white picket fence which helps it feel private and OURS. Something we first noticed is that we get LOTS of sunlight back there! It seems like all the apartments we’ve lived in, we were ALWAYS facing the shade. Even my lone mint plant barely survived last year.  I jumped up and down realizing we can have a real life GARDEN with the new house! Since I’ve never gardened before (besides by pre-grown basil plant from the supermarket), I decided to start “small” and plant our vegetables and herbs in pots. I am hoping that in the future we can put boxes around our little backyard area, but for now, the pots work great. We started some as plants from the farmers market and I wanted to also try my hand at gardening from seeds! Especially once the seeds started to sprout, I feel like I would check on them numerous times a day, marveling at all the sprouts and wondering if they had grown any since the last time I checked. I think I’ll squeal out loud when I see the first tomato or yellow pepper start to form and grow. It has been SO enjoyable planning and planting our garden together as a family – I feel a sense of ownership to these plants (plant parents!) Our basil started to look sick and I have been googling and reading forums as to why – can you imagine how I will be when I actually have kids? So for this Date Night Thursday, plan and plant a garden together! It’s something you can do with the smallest of spaces! For real we only have 7 pots and a box, and it hardly takes up ANY room! If you are in a shaded deck area, research what herbs and plants do better in that climate. Not into veggies? Plant flowers! Our garden is something we did together and we are proud of it!! I think eating what has grown from our garden will taste THAT much better bc WE helped to bring it to life and thrive in an organic way! It’s a fun and cost effective date you and your honey can do together! Plus you can save money on groceries for all the herbs and vegetables you’ll get! It’s a win all around! Happy Planting!

Did you know that tomatoes (and most fruit!) start off as flower blooms? Something I learned as a new plant “parent”! (Plus it’s SO pretty!)

A very special thank you to Amanda at Woven Creative Studios for sending me this garden picture. Everything I know about patio gardening & herbs, I learned from her! xoxo

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