Webber Wedding ~ Part 2

It’s here! Part 2 of the beautiful wedding that took place at James Monroe’s original house in Charlottesville, Virginia. If you didn’t get to, make sure to check out Part 1 of this wonderful day! As previously mentioned, it was quite chilly in the mountains that day! Good thing all the bridesmaids were close friends, they spent much of the day huddled together for warmth and laughter! Again, thank you to Valerie Demo Photography for being such a good travel buddy and amazing second shooter. We make such a good team! Thank you again to Justin & Amy for being such wonderful people. I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to capture such beautiful moments and memories! Enjoy the second half of their day! Starting from where we left off ….







Holding back tears when he sees her walking down the aisle…. such a special moment!  (even after they had a first look!)
































These next set of images make me laugh SO hard! Word of advice for future rice throwing exits. Make sure to tell your guests to toss the rice UP in the air. As you can see from the next images, there was no “light tossing” of rice involved lol

Starts off innocent enough……

It’s also not a good idea to toss BAGS of CANDY at the brides face…. while she’s getting pelted with rice lol (see child to left)



Thank you to Valerie Demo for taking this *on the job* image of me … why the leg pop? I’m still asking myself that lol

Although, I wouldn’t recommend letting your bag tip………(yes, I picked up that battery!)


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