Webber Wedding ~ Part 1

Oh goodness, so much to say about this wedding. I’ve been really lucky to have such amazing couples. The funny thing is, my weddings the past three months have been a chain reaction of friends! It’s been REALLY neat being able to see my couples at each other’s weddings (not to mention the same guests!) Amy & Justin have made me feel so very included throughout their wedding planning, instant friends! They even had a giftcard waiting for me at the front counter of the hotel the night before their wedding! How ADORABLE is that? They are so very friendly and welcoming, and that extends towards the love they feel not only about each other, but towards ALL their family and friends. Their wedding was at the BEAUTIFUL Ash-Lawn Highland which is the ORIGINAL home of past President James Monroe! These two know how to make this photographer happy. Historical venue, outdoor wedding in the mountains, the start of fall, yard games, and YUMMY BBQ dinner! I think I could write a whole post about how cool this venue is – it’s so beautiful! Speaking of “the start of fall”, their wedding just-so-happened to take place on a randomly cold day in the mountains! So be prepared in Part 2 for lots of bridesmaids huddling together to keep warm! Although we’ll get to the ceremony in Part 2, the entire day was simply beautiful. God was very present throughout and the love for one another (and their guests) was crystal clear evident. Congrats Amy & Justin, and enjoy your images of your extremely beautiful day. Be on the lookout for Part 2, it’s going to be another good one! Thank you thank you to the always WONDERFUL Valerie Demo for being such a great travel buddy and superb second shooter!




Checking for good weather!












First Look!!!! They were SO EXCITED!!!























Lily - LOVE! Beautiful bride and beautiful venue!

valerie demo - love!!!!

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