Welcome to my wonderful new blog — a chance to highlight my photography in a beautiful way (isn’t this new blog layout fantastic!!??), and fill you in on my personal happenings (most likely in the form of pictures, stories, and recipes! Can I hear a Yipppeeeee!?) Ok,… so as you can tell, I’m SO EXCITED!

I’m seriously *smitten* with being able to share a little bit about myself through my passion of photography — this blog is a chance to showcase the beautiful people, couples, and objects that cross my path and inform you about what I’ve been doing and who I am as a person and photographer!

So grab a cup of coffee, play some wonderful mellow music (I suggest John Mayer or Mat Kearney), and enjoy! <3

If you like what you see — I’d looooove to schedule a session! Get in touch w/me above!

I seriously heart comments, so make sure to leave some if you feel inspired <3

Dream Big,

Alicia White

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